Hidden Crest Pub Kilt

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IF you don't see your tartan on our list, please feel free to contact us. We can usually find a mill or vendor that will have it in stock.

Show the pride of your clan with the Angry Bastard Hidden Crest Pub Kilt.  Built for work, play, hot or cold - Angry Bastard Hidden Crest Pub Kilts have you covered. As tough as it is, the Hidden Crest Pub Kilt is stylish enough to wear in your everyday environment and they are more comfortable than your best pair of jeans.

Angry Bastard Utility kilts are constructed of 10 - 12 oz durable double filled duck cloth which creates a tighter weave and stronger construction. Stiff, durable, and water proof. Duck cloth is resistant to snags and wind damage.

Our tartans are sourced ONLY from Scottish mills and are now available in 11 - 13 oz medium weight. Our competitors use PV and Acrylic fabrics for their "tartans". Angry Bastard uses only the BEST in materials to represent your family.

The only material stronger than our duck cloth is leather. Our tartans are the best in woolen products from Scotland. Combine the two and you have a kilt of the highest quality, durability and style. 

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Standard Features:

  • 3" Waistband with Heavy Duty, Extra Wide Belt Loops & D-Ring Hanger Hardware
  • Multiple Heavy Duty 15mm Waist Snap Buttons
    Your kilt grows & shrinks with you!
  • Full Overlapping Top & Bottom Aprons (Left over Right)
  • Moisture Wicking Liner
  • Single Square Cinch Ring Apron Tie Downs
  • Sewn-In Box Pleats
  • Front Pass-Thru Double-Sided Pocket
  • 2 - X-Large Hanging Cargo Pockets
  • 1 - Right Rear Sewn-in Wallet Pocket
  • 1 - Matching Sporran Pocket
  • Choice of Hardware Finish
  • Available in 31 Solid Base Colors & 200+ Wool Tartans by Lochcarron
IF you don't see your tartan on our list, please feel free to contact us. We can usually find a mill or vendor that will have it in stock.

These ARE NOT our competitors "utility / hybrid kilts". We will put our kilts up against our competitors any day and come out on top. If you want the best in utility / hybrid kilts, then you need an Angry Bastard Kilt.

Please allow 21 - 30 business days for delivery. Our Tartans are shipped to us from Scotland. Not all Tartans are immediately available and we must wait for the next tartan build. In such cases we will let you know immediately of the approximate delivery date.

    See How to Measure for Your Kilt: Click Here >>

    Cleaning and Caring for Your Cotton Kilt

    Angry Bastard Hidden Crest Kilts are made from Poly Cotton Blend for the base of the kilt and 100% Wool Tartan for the Hidden Pleats.

    The cotton and wool may be laundered in the following manner.
    Our materials are not preshrunk, so care is required to ensure a lasting fit and color fastness.

    Kilts with wool pleats may be machine washed using Woolite. NO OTHER DETERGENT IS REQUIRED. Wash your kilt n cold or warm water, on a gentle cycle, to avoid unnecessary shrinkage and color fade.



    After your utility kilt is good and dry, you may iron it to take out any wrinkles and to straighten out the pleats  

    If proper care is given to your garment, there will be from 2-6% shrinkage or about the same amount as a good pair of denim jeans.

    ** POCKETS ARE NOT TO BE MACHINE WASHED. HAND WASH AND AIR DRY ONLY.  We use a filler between layers to add strength to our pockets. Machine washing and drying will affect the construction and integrity of the pockets.

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