Glock G42 Recluse TS Front

$ 59.95

The Recluse TS pocket holster for Glocks is a clam shell design allowing for full coverage and easy draw. The full coverage on the outside minimizes printing. On the inside the leather is molded around the muzzle & trigger guard to provide stability for the handgun while holstered.  Whether going with leather or horsehide the holsters are molded and saddle stitched by hand for long term durability. 

Measures: 6 1/8" tall x 2 1/2" at bottom to 4 3/4" wide at top x 1" thick.

Available in 8/9 oz vegatable tanned Steer hide or 7/8 oz Horsehide in Black or Natural Tan.

Lasers: Crimson Trace LG-443, Streamlight TLR6, Viridian R5.