Sizing & Cleaning Your Angry Bastard Utility Kilt


Waist Measurement: 
Some of our competitors use jean sizing for waist measurement. That is fine, if you want to wear hip huggers, or skinny "man" jeans. However many manufacturers' jean sizes don't ring true to their measurements and can't be used to order an Angry Bastard Kilt.

For example: a size 36, could actually measure out to be a size 40, depending on the jean manufacturer. Below are ways to getting the proper measurement and best fit for your kilt.

  • IF you have a measuring tape, hold one end about one inch below your navel/belly button, pull the tape around your waist until the tape touches the end where you started. When you get back to the front...THAT'S your measurement. Your actual measurements may surprise you, but don't let it bring down your day. Take a breath, and man up. That is your true waist measurement.

  • You can measure by wrapping a string around your waist:
    • If you are using string, hold one end, about one inch below your navel/belly button, wrap the string around your waist, mark or hold the string where the end meets the wrap. Hold the string against your yard stick and that is your measurement.

Hip Measurements:

Measure your hips at the widest point of your pelvis, along with the point where your arse protrudes the farthest. In other words, let's make sure you get your butt measurement right so your kilt fits properly when you sit down. 

Just as in the waist measurement, hold the end of tape on either the right or left hip. Wrap it around your butt and opposite hip, bringing the tape together where you started. That will be your hip measurement. 


Length Measurements:  

Take to your knees, and with a yard stick or measuring tape, measure from your waist (about 1 inch below your navel) to the floor. Traditional kilts are worn right at the center of the knee, but that does not mean that you need to be a traditionalist. Especially since Angry Bastard Kilts are not made to be a traditional garment. 

The length you need depends on your height and we will build your kilt to accommodate lengths from 24 - 36 inches. However, lengths longer than 30 inches are an added cost of $15.00.

    Cleaning and Caring for Your Cotton Kilt

     Angry Bastard Utility Kilts are made from 100% cotton. Our materials are not preshrunk, so care is required to ensure a lasting fit and color fastness.

    DO NOT apply or pour fabric softeners or detergents directly to the fabric. Doing so can cause the fabric to fade or discolor. 

    Wash your kilt in cold or warm water, on a gentle cycle, to avoid unnecessary shrinkage and color fade.



    After your utility kilt is good and dry, you may iron it to take out any wrinkles and to straighten out the pleats  

    If proper care is given to your garment, there will be from 2-6% shrinkage or about the same amount as a good pair of denim jeans.


    ** POCKETS ARE NOT TO BE MACHINE WASHED. HAND WASH AND AIR DRY ONLY.  We use a filler between layers to add strength to our pockets. Machine washing and drying will affect the construction and integrity of the pockets.

     Camouflage Fabric Care

    The fabrics we use in our camouflage kilts are all military grade materials. Generally they are Nylon & Cotton, Cordura and Polyester & Cotton. These fabrics can be machine washed, but care should be given to dry on a low heat setting. Low heat ironing is also recommended.