Army of the Angry Bastards

Not every individual has what it takes to be a part of the Army of Angry Bastards. These few are chosen for the unique abilities to piss off others, to drink heavily and to use words that would make a sailor blush. They ARE...the Angry Bastards!
Customer - Sal Clarino - 15 oz BYOKCustomer - Rocky Lawrence - War Horse Utility KiltCustomer - Danny Johnson - Kryptic Camo Tactical KiltCustomer - Eric Solberg - Workman Utility KiltCustomer - Charles Bronson - War Horse Utility KiltCustomer - Jaeson Davis - Hidden Crest Kilt Davidson TartanCustomer Tiffeny Thompson - Hidden Crest Pub Kilt Gunn TartanSteve Bridge - War HorseWayne Beattie - Custom RealTree Tactical Camo KiltRitchie Willis - 10 oz BYO Kilt Justin French - Hooligan Sports KiltCustomer  - Jerry Bolz - 10 oz Lightweight KiltCustomer - Jason Cathcart - Marpat Desert Digital Tactical Kilt Customer - Roy Odriscoll  - War Horse Utility Customer - Nate Meidl - Brown War Horse Utility KiltCustomer - Allen Darnell - Workman Utility Kilt