About Us

Angry Bastard Clothing Co. is based out of Cornville, AZ. We are a family owned and operated small business.  We only employ the finest American seamstresses and designers.  Furthermore, we source only 100% American made materials for our kilts, apparel and leather goods.  We believe in producing a quality product that will do the job we say it will. Guaranteed. We believe you get what you pay for. There are a lot of kilts on the market that are inexpensively priced. But we will put our kilts up against any other on the market and we will come out on top in quality, construction, materials and customer service.

Angry Bastard Kilts opened our business in April 2014. For years we had been longing for a utility kilt that actually stood up to the rigors of every day construction trade environments. The owner, having been a journeyman carpenter and mason for 25+ years, wasn't happy with the products that were then available. We decided to build our own. We took materials and fabrics, like heavy duty Duck Cloth, and Cordura,  (used in military grade apparel), that had the wear and rip-stop characteristics that would allow our kilts to stand up to almost any environment. Today we are proud to offer the line of Angry Bastard Kilts to our customers.

Angry Bastard Clothing Co.

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