"Quality" Is The Only Word You Need To Know August 3, 2015 09:21

My wife came home yesterday and said that one of the stores she visited is carrying one of our well-known competitor's kilt line. I have wondered for a while what materials our competitors kilts were made from and what kind of quality to expect for the high dollar pricing. You go to their website and they don't tell you what their kilts are made of or how they are made, let alone where they are made.

So today I had my wife take me by the store so I could get a look, AND I must say if you aren't buying an Angry Bastard Kilt and you are getting them from our competitors, you are being ripped off.

The well-known competitors utility kilt:

  1. Cotton/Polyester Blend: Very light fabric has the durability of a handkerchief. The kind your grandma used to wipe your nose with as a kid. A slight wind or a sneeze would reveal your manly bits
  2. Limited sizes:  not a manly size in the bunch
  3. Looked more like a woman's mini-skirt than a man's utility kilt
  4. The front apron was little more than two pleats wide and there was no under apron
  5. Way overpriced for the shabby quality of the material
  6. Not made in the U.S.A

Angry Bastard Kilts:

  1. Heavy-Duty Cotton Duck:
    -100% Cotton 10 oz Duck Cloth on the Starter Kilt. Light weight, but heavy duty, thick material. Durable and water resistant.
    -100% Cotton #10-15 oz Duck Cloth on the Basic and Deluxe Kilts. With a tighter weave, which makes them more durable, tear and water resistant. A heavier material, yet very comfortable and cool.
  2. Limitless Sizing Options: Sizes range from 28 - 50 waist in Men's sizes. Lengths from 22 - 30 inches. So no matter if you are short and fat or tall and thin, we can fit almost anyone into an Angry Bastard Kilt. We also make sizes larger than 50, so if you need something a little more custom, we can build it for you.
  3. Angry Bastard Kilts won't get mistaken for a women's skirt. These kilts are heavy duty in every sense of the word. They are made for outdoor activity and made to take the punishment you put them through.
  4. The Starter Kilt has Sewn-in Knife Pleats. The Basic and Deluxe Kilts have Sewn-in Box Pleats, meaning the pleats will stay in after washing.
  5. Overlapping Front and Under Aprons means plenty of heft where you need it. If you are working construction, you need a material that will stand up to the rigors of your trade. Our heavy-duty duck cloth wears better than your best pair of jeans and are tear and water resistant. Guaranteed.
  6. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies to our kilts. Made of the best materials with the hard working man or woman in mind, we don't take short cuts or use substandard materials. Only the best goes into an Angry Bastard Kilt.
  7. Best of all, Angry Bastard Kilts are made in the U.S.A. Not China, not Pakistan, not some third world country where kids and women work 20 hour days in a locked, hot sweatshop. Right here in America. Each kilt is hand made to your specifications, and we take your kilt from the cutting table to the delivery service, overseeing every aspect of the build of your kilt.